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Special Container Transportation Service

Shipping cargo overseas is a specialized field. The idea might sound even more complicated when we talk about shipping oversized, heavy, and non-standard items like large mechanical products, machinery equipment, metal pipes, glass products, and goods that are not convenient for manual loading and unloading and do not fall in the domain of standard cargo.  For this requirement, Special container transportation comes to the rescue and it requires specific know-how and tools.  This is where Bonanza Enterprises can offer you transportation solutions as we provide international and domestic shipping services to our clients for bulk cargo, general cargo, and special sized cargo requirements.

We at Bonanza Enterprises transport variously sized and over-weighed cargo (normally known as Special Cargo) worldwide. We extend a wide range of cargo containers that are built and specially designed and utilization to contain over-sized and over-weight cargo that are prone to damage. Our team of specialized professionals exercises their expertise to take the utmost care of special cargo.

Shipping Container Specifications

There is a wide range of containers available that serve different purposes. These are available in varied shapes and sizes. Here is a guide available to help you pick the most appropriate container for your shipping needs. 20ft and 40ft general purpose containers are the most commonly used containers in the freight industry

Flat rack container

Flat rack containers have a floor structure suitable for high loading capacity. They are manufactured with a steel frame and two end walls, which are either fixed or collapsible. The end walls are sturdy enough to allow cargo securing and these are available in 20' and 40' sizes.


The design of these containers like a tank or tanker, made up of anti-corrosive materials for the transportation of liquid materials. It’s always made sure that tanks are at least 80% and a maximum 95% full, to prevent any accidental spill of the goods in the transit and also keep a margin for thermal expansion.

Open top container

Open top containers do not have solid roofs instead they have convertible tops and a weatherproof tarpaulin roof is used to secure the cargo. A temporary roof can be fixed with the help of strong ropes. These containers are well suited for tall items like machinery. The cargo can be loaded with the help of cranes or rolling bridges. They are available in 20’ and 40’ sizes.

Open side storage container

These containers are very much like regular standard containers with an exception of open walls rather than ends of the container. These are aptly suited for wide items that can’t fit through regular doors. Open side containers are available in 20’ and 40’ sizes.

Refrigerated ISO container

Refrigerated ISO freight containers or also known as reefer containers are specifically designed to maintain low temperatures during the transit. These units are well suited for perishable goods like vegetables, fruits, flowers, meat, and dairy products that need low temperatures. Reefer containers have a fully integral refrigeration system to maintain internal temperatures between +25 & -25 degrees centigrade. They are available in 20’ and 40’ sizes.

High Cube Shipping Container

High cube containers are standard containers with an extended height of 9’6” as compared to 8’6” on standard containers. The extra height gives leverage to store bulky or expansive items. These are ocean containers are constructed from steel or aluminum and are strong, secure, and weatherproof for safe transportation of goods.